Inmate charged with escape

February 7, 2021–5:35 p.m.


An inmate at the Floyd County Jail has been charged with escape.

According to Jail records, 37-year old William Dewayne Vessell of Rome left his cell and failed to return when instructed to do so.

Vessell has been in jail since August.

He has been charged in connection with other disturbances at the jail in recent days.

On January 24, he was charged with battery in connection with an incident in which another inmate was beaten and kicked.

Last week, Vessell was charged with 14 counts of criminal damage to property, and single counts of interference with government property, unlawful acts of violence in a penal institution, reckless conduct, and participation in street gang activity.

Vessell, a purported member of the “Ghost Face Gangsters” criminal street gang was accused of destroying 14 sprinklers causing water to flow into the N-block.

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