Changes coming to Rome-Floyd website

February 4, 2021–7:35 p.m.


For years Rome and Floyd County governments have operated a joint website, but that could soon change.

Late last year, city and county staff met to discuss the website and come up with a recommendation.

Floyd County Clerk Erin Elrod, during a recent joint services committee meeting, said the recommendation is that due to the size of the amount of information on the website, the best option would be to separate into individual city and county sites.

“We would keep as a landing page, at least for the time being,” she said.  “If you go to, there would be a link to the city site and a link to the county site.”

She said the plan is to keep the joint site operation for as long as necessary with the goal of sundowning it eventually.

She said the county is ready to go.

City of Rome IT Director Johnny Bunch said they are ready as well.

“We’re going to go with CivicPlus,” he said.  “We are already in the process of moving forward with that.  So, I guess the thing that we need to be careful with is that the city and county keep each other well informed as to the delivery date of both websites so that they could be released at the same time.”

The recommendation still has to go before the Rome City and Floyd County Commissions.

It is estimated the project could take 3 to 6 months to complete once it gets underway.

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