Rome School Board members tour CCA

November 5, 2020–10:45 a.m.


Rome City Schools’ Board of Education members had a chance to tour the new College and Career Academy (CCA). The building is currently under construction on Rome High School’s campus.

During the tour, led by Rome High School Associate Principal, Misty Tucker, RCS Board members had the opportunity to walk the site and ask superintendent Louis Byars about what curriculum will be offered when the building opens in 2021.

From the mock courtroom to the commercial kitchen and automotive repair garage, the Board got their first look at the spaces that will serve as an extension of what Rome City Schools currently offers in their classrooms. With the goal of making sure every student will graduate from Rome High School prepared for college or work, Rome City Schools’ leadership seemed excited about the opportunities that will soon be available to their students in the new state-of-the-art facility.

“It is a beautiful building, and it is massive,” said RCS Board member, John Uldrick. “I knew how large it was going to be, but to walk through it really shakes you awake to all of the opportunities it holds for students. I am excited about all the pathways we will offer and how additional training will allow our students to learn and flex their professional muscles in our community. This building is also a great community resource for all of our stakeholders in Rome and Floyd County.”

“One thing I was also impressed with is the size of the building,” added Alvin Jackson who also serves on the Rome City Schools Board of Education. “I see our system growing, and there is room for not only the programs we will offer, but we now have the space to accommodate new students in our system. The important thing is the educational programs. I am excited that every child who comes through our system will not only receive an excellent education but that they will be prepared for life after school. I think they will have a wonderful chance to succeed, and their success will be due to some of our phenomenal pathways.”

“I am definitely excited about the new CCA. I think it caters to all of the aspects we have been missing as a system,” said Elaina Beeman. “This project will help us to make sure our kids are prepared for college or work. My goal is to make sure that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background, takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Any student who wishes to learn in the new facility will have that opportunity.”

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