Employee in Gordon County Elections Office tests positive for COVID-19

October 25, 2020–11:37 a.m.


Another employee in the Gordon County Elections Department has tested positive for COVID-19 from a rapid test.
According to a news release from Gordon Country government, “We feel that it is important to keep the Public Informed. The building is being sterilized and numerous measures are in place consistent with CDC guidelines to protect the voting public.”
The county has marked six foot intervals for distancing, often opens the front door for voters to eliminate transmission from the door handle, screens for temperature and symptoms, provides free masks, provides single use pens, wipes down voting machines between uses and other measures.
Gordon County voters may also vote by mail and secure drop box.
“Your vote is important and we are trying to provide the best and safest voter experience while we deal with this pandemic,” the news release concluded.

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