15 Floyd County Jail inmates have COVID-19

October 22, 2020–11:08 p.m.


According to a statement from Sheriff Tim Burkhalter:

“Currently, we have 15 inmates in the Floyd County Jail, who have tested positive for covid-19, along with 7 employees. More test results for staff and inmates are still pending.

Effective immediately, the Floyd County Jail is implementing the Code Red Phase of our Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness Plan.

By activating the Code Red Protocol, we hope to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus within our facility.

The safety and security of our staff, inmates in our care, and the community as a whole is paramount.

Some of the extra precautions we are taking include limiting inmate movements within and outside the facility and temporarily suspending some of our nonessential inmate work details.

Additionally, we will restrict inmate boarding from other counties, but will continue accepting new arrestees from local agencies.

Jail officers are utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment as they perform their duties within the facility such as masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields or goggles.

Inmates with a positive Covid test or who are pending test results, are receiving medical care and will remain in quarantine or isolation until they produce a negative test and have been symptom free in accordance with CDC guidelines.

We are working closely with the Department of Public Health, who have been onsite administering tests to inmates and staff.

They will return in approximately 10 days to provide additional testing.

Family members and friends are asked to please refrain from contacting the jail as we are unable to share any personal inmate medical information with the general public due to HIPPA regulations.

However, they will be notified of their test results and can share this information with you as they deem necessary.

Fingerprinting services and background checks for the general public will continue in the Administrative Lobby.

Sex offenders should continue to report as required by law for registration purposes.

Onsite video visitation for probation, parole and attorneys remains available.

However, the general public will continue to be restricted to remote video visitation at this time.

Further updates will be forthcoming.”

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