Floyd Commission approves slight increase in millage rate

August 14, 2020–6:34 a.m.


Earlier this week, the Floyd County Commission voted to raise the millage rate by 0.4 mils.

That translates to a $37 increase for a $150,000 home.

The increase will help fund pay raises for police and other public safety, according to Floyd County Commissioner Allison Watters.

“We don’t take a millage rate increase lightly,” she said.  “We have heard numerous presentations from our finance department.  We have met and had three public hearings.  I appreciate Sheriff Burkhalter coming up and sharing his thoughts.  I hope that what we’re doing will make your lives better.  That’s really our objective here, along with some other things that we need to do.  I just want to make sure that everyone knows that we don’t take that lightly.”

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