Masked man wielding a machete threatens couple in Bartow County

July 2, 2020–5:54 a.m.


The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man who threatened a man and woman Monday night with a machete.

The suspect was also wearing a hockey mask, like the one worn by Jason in the Friday the 13th movies.

According to FOX 5 in Atlanta, the incident occurred Monday night outside the McDonalds on Cass-White Road just off I-75.

One of the victims said he first saw the man kicking traffic cones and asked why he was doing that.

The masked man then threw a traffic cone at the victim’s car and then threatened to chop their heads off.

One of the victims grabbed his pistol and held it against the man’s stomach, attempting to scare him.

It worked and the man fled.

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