Delay in absentee ballot count due to software issue

June 10, 2020–10:20 a.m.


It could be a while before the 11,200 or so absentee mail-in ballots can be counted.

Floyd County Elections Chief Robert Brady said the delay has been caused by a software issue related to changes made to the controlling software for the absentee ballot counter.

“The software was modified in order to keep both the March 24 Election and the June 9 Election separate but mergeable later,” he said.  “This procedure, while successful, caused considerable collateral damage that we haven’t been able to determine the exact remedy for yet.”

Essentially, the machine will no longer read the paper ballots.

Brady added that a technician with the software vendor is at the elections office, trying to find a solution.

“I have actually been working on the issue since 7:15 last night and we were told by the Secretary of State’s Office around 12:30 to go home because it wasn’t going to get better,” Brady said.


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