Floyd converting parking deck into field hospital

April 9, 2020–5:10 a.m.


Floyd Medical Center is preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

The hospital is adding more hospital beds as models show we could see a surge in COVID-19 patients in late April or early May.

Floyd has utilized the 2nd and 3rd floors at the former Kindred Hospital and they are adding a 20 bed ICU hospital in the front parking lot.

Now, work is underway to convert the first floor of the Floyd parking deck near the main entrance, according to David Early, Vice President of Support Services and Operations at Floyd.

“We believe by April 18 or 20, we are going to have this somewhat operational to service up to 200 patients,” he said.  “Both the 20-bed hospital and the 200-bed area, we hope that we never have to use them.  Certainly, we are going to serve the community and make sure that we are ready for it.  That’s our mission here at Floyd Health Systems.”

Floyd President and CEO Kurt Stuenkel explained why converting the parking deck made a lot of sense.

“It has a concrete superstructure, it has a rooftop covering, and it has concrete flooring,” he said.  “Now, we are standing up walls and putting in HVAC, electrical and lighting.  it’s going to be a really fine field hospital.

In all, the additions will give Floyd more than 500 beds.

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