Floyd prepping for more COVID-19 patients

April 2, 2020–5:27 a.m.


The hospital is already using the former Kindred Hospital to treat coronavirus patients and there are plans for a temporary 20-bed unit in the parking lot.

They are also looking at using the now-closed outpatient surgery center recovery room.

In addition, 10 members of the Georgia National Guard arrived earlier this week to help out.

They include two physician assistants, one nurse, and seven EMTs, according to Floyd President and CEO Kurt Stuenkel during a Facebook Live update on Wednesday.

He said they aren’t 100% sure when we could see a surge of patients, but based on current models it could be late April into early May.

A surge will mean a lot of patients, perhaps more patients than the number of beds and staff that they currently have.

Stuenkel added they are preparing now so they can have the resources in place as that demand ramps up.

You can view the entire Facebook Live update HERE.

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