Religious services and our community service programs temporarily suspended at jail

March 12, 2020–9:11 a.m.


The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new three-tiered color-coded system in response to any potential issues regarding communicable diseases:

• Code Green – Business operations will continue as normal.
• Code Yellow – Essential operations only.
• Code Red – Facility Lockdown

Effective today, March 11, 2020, we are in the Code Yellow phase of our system. We are temporarily suspending our religious services and our community service programs. Clergy members will still be allowed to hold one-on-one visitations using our normal security measures in the visitation lobby. We are restricting movement and access to the back of the jail. Additional programs may be affected as we determine necessary for the safety and security of our facility, personnel, and inmates.

Sheriff Tim Burkhalter believes our new system is a necessary precaution to protect not only our staff and inmates but also the community as a whole. “In addition to our security measures in place now, we have also introduced new screening measures during the intake process designed to help identify potential health risks,” Burkhalter said.

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