Redmond reports patient with positive COVID-19 test

March 9, 2020–11:39 a.m.


According to Andrea Pitts, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Redmond Regional Medical Center:

Redmond Regional Medical Center has protocols in place to care for patients with infectious diseases, and we have been working diligently to ensure we are prepared for potential issues related to COVID-19. Last night, Redmond Regional Medical Center was notified that we have a patient who tested positive for COVID-19. We are following infection prevention protocols for COVID-19 patients, including isolation, to help ensure the safety of our colleagues, patients, and visitors, and we continue to work closely with the CDC and health department.

As part of our preparations for coronavirus, we have been reinforcing infection prevention protocols, and last week we implemented new screening procedures at hospital entrances as a proactive measure. We have positioned supplies at points of entry so that any potential symptomatic patient who arrives can be properly masked and immediately isolated to protect our colleagues and other patients.

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