[VIDEO] NWGA Corona-virus Community Preparedness: WRGA First News Special

March 4th, 2020 – 9:45 AM

Tony McIntosh & Ethan Garrett – WRGA News

 Governor Brian Kemp confirmed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has positively identified two Georgia residents in Fulton County with the Corona-virus on Monday. This comes right after the Governor signed an Executive Order on on February 28th creating a task force to deal with the virus in Georgia.

President Donald Trump has also planned on speaking in Atlanta on Friday at the CDC on how the United States will respond in the face of this viral outbreak.

With other cases of the Corona-virus popping up in in different states, It would seem like the citizens are going to have to prepare for more infection cases in the immediate future.

WRGA had Dr. Gary E. Voccio from the Georgia Department of Health and Dr. Charles Edward McBride from Harbin Clinic come to speak on this topic of Corona-virus, and how NWGA should prepare for it on First News with Tony McIntosh (In the video Below).

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