[VIDEO] LivingProof Recovery & Elevation House: R.O.O.T. Program Community Spotlight

February 17th 2020 –7:20 PM

Ethan Garrett – Digital News Editor and Video Reporter

 In this WRGA community Spotlight, We take a look at R.O.O.T. – A program funded by The Community Foundation for Greater Rome together with LivingProof Recovery and Elevation House to encourage long-term recovery for adults living with Mental Illness and also Addiction (co-occurring disorder) utilizing a holistic peer support model.

The holistic recovery approach of the R.O.O.T. Program takes into account the whole person. R.O.O.T. does not solely focus on the symptoms, but also addresses mental and social needs. Mental wellness, or long-term recovery, is achieved by fulfilling needs in several connected systems: medical, psychological, social, behavioral, lifestyle, spiritual, etc. The program connects these systems for member peers and sets out to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Connect member peers with an accountable community

  • Empower employable skills by offering a myriad of training and certifications

  • Provide wellness education and prevention as associated with nutrition and fitness while stressing the importance of adherence to medication therapy.

  • Teach personal management and relationships skill to ensure a healthy lifestyle 

  • encourage long-term recovery for adults living with co-occurring disorder utilizing a holistic peer support model

****For more information on how to enroll in the program, please visit this link and fill out your information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AtB2N9f_SVVhIShZE-5JkUog2y7AHz9ftj8hklcq3sM/edit?usp=sharing

For more on Elevation house please see their website: https://www.elevationhouse.org/

For more information on Living Proof Recovery: https://www.livingproofrecovery.org/

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