Kindred Hospital Rome closing

February 14, 2020–7:00 a.m.


Kindred Hospital Rome, a 45-bed transitional care hospital next to Floyd Medical Center on Turner McCall Boulevard, has announced that it will be closing.

According to a statement issued Thursday, “Kindred Healthcare is always evaluating its portfolio and looking for opportunities to reposition our assets so that we can provide services where and when patients need them most.’

The closure is expected to be completed within 60 days with a goal of completing the process by April 6.  However, that date could change.

Kindred has stopped accepting new admissions and if any patients need continued care after the hospital closes, steps will be taken to help them relocate, including arranging for requested transfers and paying for any expenses.

The statement also reads that Kindred will be working with the hospital’s employees in an effort to assist them in their efforts to seek new employment, including positions within the company with the goal of retaining as many employees as possible.

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