Pepperell SADD chapter receives $6,500 grant

January 9, 2020–8:00 a.m.


Pepperell High School (PHS) is proud to announce the receipt of a $6,500 Students Against Destructive Decisions grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

In an effort to involve Georgia students in reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths of teen drivers, the grant will enhance existing PHS’s SADD chapter with the idea that student input into the solution will help alleviate the problem of teen driver fatalities in Georgia.

“The loss of one life on our roads is one too many, and the fact almost all fatal traffic crashes can be prevented is one reason why we are awarding this grant. The target of zero traffic deaths in our nation is achievable, and we will continue to help develop and implement educational messages, enforcement campaigns, and other safety initiatives aimed at bringing us one step closer to our goal,” said GOHS Director Allen Poole.

The PHS SADD chapter was established in 2006 at the request of students that wanted to make an impact on their peers and educate them to make the right choices, specifically related to driving. After 14 years, the PHS SADD Chapter is still strong and vibrant in educating their peers as well as continuing to educate those in their community, county, and even state. The PHS SADD Chapter plans to continue their efforts to educate everyone to make our roads safer.

“I am extremely proud of the accomplishments our SADD Chapter has had over the last 14 years. Our students have continuously exceeded our expectations. Our students have been bold with their education of driving related issues, speaking on the local, state, and even national level. Our students have always strived to make change in their world,” said Laura Byrd, PHS SADD Co-Advisor.

“I am confident this year’s chapter will continue to teach their peers about the inherent dangers that arise when teens get behind the wheel,” said Alana Ellenburg, Pepperell SADD Co-Advisor. “The SADD chapter at PHS not only helps raise awareness about things like the consequences of distracted driving, speeding, and underage drinking, but they also bring a ‘peer-to-peer’ perspective to the very group we’re trying to save.”

PHS SADD is thrilled to be designing and launching a new motorcycle awareness campaign called “Cycle Clap”. PHS SADD has already received support and sponsorship from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, as well as, Georgia Department of Drivers Services, Teens in the Driver Seat, HindLight Media, Floyd County Police Department, Rome City Police Department, and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. They will also continue to conduct seat belt checks, host school wide guest speakers, and work with local law enforcement, emergency management agencies, and other local and state agencies to increase vehicle safety awareness.

In addition, the PHS SADD chapter will send its president and advisor to a statewide leadership-training program each fall along with representatives from other high schools that received similar grants.

For more information on this grant program, contact GOHS at 404-656-6996 and for more information on GOHS and its other highway safety programs, visit

Story contributed by Alana Ellenburg.

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