Report: Man stabbed EMT with a pocket knife

December 31, 2019–7:49 a.m.


A Metro Atlanta EMT was stabbed in the neck with a pocket knife in Bartow County Sunday morning. He received a non-life threatening injury.

The ambulance service transported 60-year-old Hillman William Carson of Kingston to Cartersville Medical Center for a mental evaluation. Cartersville Police followed the ambulance to the hospital due to Carson’s demeanor.

Once at the hospital, the victim stood in a room with Carson to get his information. He says when he asked Carson what his birthday was, Carson stated “I’m taking you with me” and jumped on him. He stated he felt Carson’s fist hit his back. When he pulled away, he saw the knife and ran out of the room.

While an officer was standing outside of Carson’s hospital room, he saw Carson fighting the EMT. The EMT ran out of the room with Carson following him. The officer then hit Carson in the left hand and right shoulder with a Taser. After deploying the Taser, the officer saw a knife in Carson’s right hand. The officer then tossed the Taser to the side, unholstered his firearm, and pointed it at Carson while commanding him to drop the knife. Carson complied and multiple Cartersville officers put him on the ground.

After being discharged from the hospital, Hillman Carson was arrested by Bartow County deputies for aggravated assault and felony obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer.

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