City commission approves alcohol, residential parking ordinances

October 29, 2019–8:00 a.m.


On Monday night, the Rome City Commission approved ordinances regarding public consumption of alcohol and the parking of business vehicles in residential neighborhoods.

The alcohol ordinance amendment would permit public consumption at the Rome Area History Museum, Barron Stadium, the City Clock Tower and grounds, the Fort Norton events facility and any other area approved by the Alcohol Control Commission through a temporary permit.

The parking ordinance was somewhat of a housekeeping matter, according to Rome City Clerk Joe Smith.

It corrects an error that allowed the ordinance, originally approved by the city commission in January of 2016, to be removed from the books about a year ago.

It states that the parking of any business vehicle in the right-of-way of a public street which lies fully or partially within any type of residential district is prohibited.

The exceptions would be ordinary passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, panel trucks, vans used to provide daily transportation to and from work, or vehicles with a carrying capacity of less than one and one-half ton.

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