Floyd students surpass state, national SAT scores

October 1, 2019–12:43 p.m.


SAT scores for students in Floyd County Schools (FCS) were well above the state and national average on the SAT in a report released this week by the Georgia Department of Education. As a system, FCS posted a total score of 1064 and is once again above the state average of 1048 and the national average of 1039. It is important to note that the 2017 SAT results set a new baseline for year-to-year comparisons. Results from earlier reports were based on the old SAT, which had a different score scale and different benchmarks. 2017, 2018, and 2019 SAT scores are comparable, but comparisons to 2016 or earlier are not accurate.

FCS students achieved an evidence-based reading and writing score of 543 and a math score of 521.  Floyd County outdistanced the state on each section of the test. The state average scored 533 on evidence-based reading and writing and 515 on the math section. FCS also topped the national average scores of 524 on evidence-based reading and writing and 515 in math.

Pepperell High had the highest score in the system among Floyd County high schools with a score of 1102.  The Armuchee High score was also one of the highest scores in the area with a total score of 1088. All four Floyd County high schools surpassed the state and national averages.

In posting the highest score in the school system, Pepperell High students achieved scores of 566 evidence-based reading and writing and 535 in math this year. Armuchee High scored 548 in evidence-based reading and writing and 541 in math. Model High had an overall score of 1066 with a 546 evidence-based reading and 520 math. Coosa High totaled 1030, with 529 in evidence-based reading and writing and 501 in math.

To achieve consistently high SAT scores, FCS has made a number of academic enhancements over the last fourteen years. The system increased the availability of dual enrollment opportunities, advanced academic courses, and added the Honors Prep advanced academic program.

“One year’s scores are important, but looking at our results, consistency is very evident as our students have regularly performed at a high level above the state and national averages over a seven-year period,” stated Dr. Jeff Wilson, superintendent of FCS. “Our focus from primary grades through high school is providing challenging academic programs to help our young people maximize their potential and succeed in all that they do.”

The SAT is a college entrance exam that is developed, administered and scored by the College Board. The SAT is designed to test the subject matter learned by students in high school and the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in college. The test has two sections — evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics.

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