New feature reminds citizens of municipal court dates

September 21, 2019–9:46 p.m.


The Rome Police Department, City of Rome Municipal Court and Municipal Court Judge Bryan Johnson are pleased to announce a new feature to be used to assist citizens to remember court dates. We recognize that no one likes to receive a citation but there are times when unfortunately, officers must issue a traffic citation.

We have found that with busy lives, sometimes citizens forget their assigned court date and fail to appear to answer the charges. This failure to appear can result in warrants being issued, additional court fees and fines, and at times loss of driving privileges.

In an effort to send reminders to those who innocently forget their court date, the Rome Police Department in conjunction with Rome Municipal Court and Judge Johnson will be offering reminders of court dates via electronic text message.

Officers will offer this service to citizens who receive a traffic citation. This will require officers to ask for a good cell phone contact number in order for the reminder to be sent. Officers will then place the sticker on the court copy of the citation and an automated text message reminder will be sent to the person who was issued the citation.

If anyone has any questions about this process, please call Rome Municipal Court.

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