Seifert to seek city commission seat

August 20, 2019–11:35 a.m.


J.J. Walker Seifert, formally announces her intent to run for Rome City Commissioner (Ward 3).

As an attorney, a community activist, and proud mom of teens, JJ has a unique perspective as a creative problem solver. In her vocation, JJ solves others’ legal problems.

In her community advocacy work, JJ is a contributor of fresh ideas and creative solutions to meet local needs.

A two-time cancer survivor and a parent of teens, JJ has been gifted with the significantly changed perspective of time being a vastly
limited resource.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Problems must be solved efficiently, with consideration and advocacy, but also quickly and without bureaucratic obstacles.

“I made Rome my hometown. I love this community and have stayed for over 18 years, choosing to raise my family here. I hope they will want to come back home to raise their own
families after college. In order to make Rome a desirable place to stay or return for future generations, we can’t slack off or rest on our laurels. We should strive to increase economic
opportunities, improve quality of life, and tailor the efficiency of local government to the community’s needs.”

JJ is a local attorney with her own practice, Seifert Law, PC. She also serves as part-time Municipal Court Judge for the City of Rome.

JJ served on the Board of Directors for the Rome-Floyd Chamber of Commerce, is a graduate of Leadership Rome XXXII, and completed the State Bar of Georgia’s YLD
Leadership Academy.

“I want to serve Rome in the most proficient and effective way possible. I am committed to making City government accessible and transparent. Communication with individuals and
community groups about pending issues and matters is paramount in creating the feeling of a participatory local government. Lawyers listen a lot more than they talk, and I look forward to hearing Romans’ needs and concerns. My chosen vocation is that of an advocate. I don’t know how to be anything else, and I look forward to advocating for Rome’s best interests as your city commissioner.”

JJ’s other leadership positions include currently serving on the board of Cancer Navigators and the Free Clinic of Rome.

She was honored with the Community Award for her participation in the 2016 Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge to benefit the Sexual Assault Center of NWGA.

She is a Parishioner and lay minister at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and an avid runner having completed 35+ half marathons and one full marathon (2018 – while having lymphoma) since her first remission in 2013.

JJ lives in the College Heights area with her husband, Will, their two children, Cole (15) and Carson Claire (14) and their two pups, Walter J & Gibson. JJ can be reached via email at [email protected] or at

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