Corps. of Engineers investigating reports of harmful algal blooms at Allatoona

August 13, 2019–10:39 a.m.


Dog owners in the Southeast are spreading the word about the dangers of contaminated water following the deaths of their beloved pets.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, three dogs died after frolicking in a pond, while another succumbed after a swim in Lake Allatoona.

The U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers issued a statement on Monday which read:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District is aware of reports that harmful algal blooms may be present at Allatoona Lake in Cartersville, Georgia.

Currently, the USACE Mobile District has been coordinating with the local health department for Bartow County and Georgia Department of Natural Resources to address public concern.

GA DNR’s Environmental Protection Division dispatched an environmental testing team to Lake Allatoona, Aug. 12, 2019, to take water samples for algal testing.

“We take public safety concerns seriously and appreciate the support from our partners at GA DNR,” said Cesar Yabor, chief of public affairs for USACE Mobile District. “We are currently standing by to receive test results from the Environmental Protection Division.”

The public is encouraged to always use caution while recreating at Allatoona Lake. For information on risks and precautions regarding harmful algal blooms, please visit GA DNR’s website

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