Rome City Commission meets Monday

August 11, 2019–1:40 a.m.


The Rome City Commission will conduct a public hearing Monday night regarding a request to alter the East Rome Historic District Boundary.

The boundary of the proposed modification includes four parcels at 305, 309, 311, and 315 East 7th Street.

The Georgia Historic Preservation Division is recommending that the boundaries of the East Rome Historic District NOT be altered because of this request, adding that all the properties meet the designated criteria for inclusion within a local historic district.

Also on Monday’s agenda is the appointment of a finance director, and the setting of the qualifying period for the upcoming city elections for the week of August 19-23.

Commissioners will also discuss the final Community Development Block Grant Consolidated Plan (including the 2019 Action Plan).

A number of items will be placed onto First Reading.

You can view those along with the entire agenda here.

Monday’s Rome City Commission meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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