Sheriff’s department to begin handling constable duties for magistrate court

July 25, 2019–7:00 a.m.


Starting September 1, all constable duties for Floyd County Magistrate Court will be handled by the sheriff’s office.

On Tuesday, the Floyd County Commission approved a number of agenda items relating to the change.

Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord said the action was taken by the commission following an order written by Magistrate Judge Gene Richardson.

“He felt it would be in the best interest of the community and the county to abolish those positions and put those duties for constables under the sheriff,” he said.  “This transfers all the funds, expenses and vehicles over to the sheriff’s department.”

The action by the commission included:

The abolishment of position numbers: 493-009, 493-012, 493-019.

The transfer of remaining funds from salary and benefits for the Constable positions from Magistrate Court to the Sheriff’s Office.

The creation of three deputy positions (144-177, 144-178, & 144-179), Paygrade 112, in the Sheriff’s Office.

The transfer of three vehicles from Magistrate Court to Sheriff’s Office including a 2017 Ford Escape, a 2001 Ford Expedition and a 2001 For Crown Victoria.

The transfer of remaining funds from Magistrate Court to the Sheriff’s Office in the following categories: Uniforms, Gas & Repairs, Repairs & Maintenance, & 800 MHz Radio Main.

Approve transfer of equipment and supplies from Magistrate Court to Sheriff’s Office: Three Harris portable radios; 3 Glock handguns; 9 Glock magazines; one SAfariland 6360 ALS III holster; one Taser X2 with battery pack, holster; 1 Taser X2 with battery pack, holster, cartridges, and dataport kit; 2 ballistic vests; 2 Mag-lite flashlights; 1 security check wand; 1 Harris Mobile Base radio; and any/all other equipment, duty gear, or supplies that were solely utilized by the constables.

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