New look for Georgia Driver’s Licenses

July 22, 2019–8:44 a.m.


Georgia driver’s licenses have a new design.


Polycarbonate Card Body – This card will be a more durable, secure and tamper-resistant card

Overlapping – Signatures and Data over the photograph

Secure ID Compliant Star – Meets state and federal regulations

Laser Engraving – Laser engraving on the card raises the print, making it difficult to tamper or modify

Guilloche Design – A background of spirograph-like curves that join to make a design

Multiple Laser Images – Feature that enables two or more images to occupy the same area

Boater Education Designation – Cardholders who have completed a DNR approved Boater Education will have an Anchor appear on the front of their driver’s license or ID card

Veteran Designation – Veterans will have the opportunity to have this important designation along with the American Flag appear on the front of their driver’s license or ID card, allowing for immediate recognition of the cardholder’s military service

On the back of the license, there will be a 2-D Bar Code, which contains some cardholder information accessible using a PDF-417 compatible scanner, along with the additional birth date.

Although there is a new design, what’s in your wallet still works.

Your current license is valid until it expires.



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