Georgia DOT: Safety maintenance work begins on US 27 in Floyd County

July 17, 2019–7:39 a.m.


A Georgia DOT Maintenance crew has started its work on replacing the obliterated and damaged reflective raised pavement markers on US 27/State Route (SR) 1 in Floyd County.

Work will proceed daily through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. This safety maintenance operation and the lane closures it necessitates are weather permitting and subject to change.

Georgia DOT maintains over 2000 lane-miles in Northwest Georgia. Relatively harsh winter and snowplows used to clear the region’s interstates and state routes from snow and ice present a challenge to the DOT crews who are charged with maintaining lane markers on the roads.

These crews follow Federal Highway Administration standards for markings and do their best to keep up.

They also work almost continuously restriping faded markers and replacing missing reflective raised pavement markers.

Still, the volume of traffic on the highways, snow removal in the winter and sunny summer all weigh heavily on the durability of the lane markers.

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