City commission approves rezoning applications for duplexes and a new restaurant Monday night

July 9, 2019–11:14 a.m.


The Northwest Georgia Housing Authority has gotten the go-ahead to proceed with the construction of new duplexes in the East Rome area.

Monday night, the Rome City Commission approved a special use permit for property at 1312 and 1314 Maple Street (pictured left).

They also approved a rezoning request and special use permit for property at 303 East 14th Street (pictured right).

The planning commission had recommended denial of the Maple Street application.

However, Lee Hight, chairman of the board of the housing authority, said that Rome and Floyd County is in urgent need of affordable housing.

“I think you all need to understand, as Rome, Georgia needs to understand how many people are living here on the streets and under the bridges,” she said.  “Once the hospital [Northwest Georgia regional] closed, the jail is housing mentally ill people.  They are not criminals, they are mentally ill.  The mentally ill are living on the streets.  The homeless numbers hundreds and we are trying to house them.  We have 1,000 people on our waiting list right now.  We’ve got Alto View Terrace, which we are trying to build as quickly as we can and we’re trying to clean up Maple Street.  These will be one bedroom apartment for those that need them.”

In other action, the city commission also approved a rezoning request that paves the way for a new restaurant in the River District downtown.

The vacant building on West Third Street at North 4th Avenue was recently purchased by Moon Dance Properties, who plan to transform it into a new eating establishment.

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