Rome Police Department warns residents of traffic congestion following fireworks display

July 2, 2019—3:15 P.M.


The night of July 3rd, please be mindful that traffic will be congested at times, especially immediately following the fireworks display.

Traffic will be rerouted at the conclusion of the event in an effort to accommodate the smoothest transition of heavy traffic. Depending on where you park your vehicle with access to Riverside Parkway (private lots included) you will be rerouted a specific direction. All traffic on the west side of Riverside Parkway will be routed toward Turner McCall Blvd. All traffic on the east side will be rerouted toward GA 1 Loop. The roadway will be coned and marked accordingly, and officers will be assisting in getting drivers out of the major parking areas. No traffic will be allowed onto Riverside Parkway from Turner McCall Blvd after the fireworks display. The only entrance to Riverside Parkway following the display will be off of GA 1 Loop. Access from Turner McCall Blvd will reopen only after the eastbound lots have primarily cleared.

Please schedule any pick-ups you may have accordingly.

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