Cartersville Police officer saves kittens with shoelaces

June 14, 2019—11:00 A.M.


On a very rainy Wednesday, June 12, at approximately 2:30 am, officers were dispatched to the parking lot of The Daily Tribune in reference to some kittens stuck in a storm drain. Officer G. Martino arrived on scene and observed a bundle of kittens in steadily rising water. Officer Martino, engrained subconsciously with the skills learned from multiple re-run episodes of MacGyver, took the shoelaces from her duty boots and rescued each one of these furry little felines. City of Cartersville Animal Control Officer Christopher Everett was called out and he made sure these ferocious beasts were taken to the shelter so that they could be fed by bottle, picked up and adopted out by a local rescue group when they are old enough. What an outstanding effort by Officer Martino and Animal Control Officer Christopher Everett. Glad we don’t wear velcro boots!

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