Rome and Floyd County gearing up for 2020 Census

June 12, 2019–7:54 a.m.


The next U.S. Census is coming up next year, and local leaders want to make sure Rome and Floyd County residents are accurately counted.

The Rome-Floyd Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census has been established to assist in the development of a strategy that appeals to so-called “hard to count” populations, according to Taylor Wilkes with the U.S. Census Bureau.

“These are areas like recent immigrants, people who are not native English speakers,” he said.  “Also, children ages 1 to 5.  All of these groups are hard to count for one reason or another.  Using demographic data, we can develop a strategy tailored to this city.”

Wilkes said the committee will also work to educate the public about changes that have taken place since the 2010 Census.

“This will be the first Census where you can respond to the questionnaire online,” Wilkes said.  “This has been done in order to save money, as you can imagine.  Come March 12, people, rather than receiving a questionnaire in the mail, they will receive an invitation to respond, and this is new.”

The Census is important because it ensures that each community gets the right number of representatives in government.

It also helps with the equitable distribution of public funds.

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