Awning at Model Elementary destroyed during storm; multiple trees down and power outages in the area

Friday, Mar. 3, 2023 — 3:30 PM

-WRGA Staff Reports –

Floyd County Police say that at this time all fire units are busy with calls holding for service following a strong storm that rolled through the area Friday afternoon. There are more than 40 calls for power lines down at this time. In at least four locations 911 received reports of trees on houses. A few others are not listed but fell on the carport or an unattached garage.

According to Floyd County Emergency Management Agency Director Tim Herrington, the National Weather Service reported radar-indicated rotation as part of the storm, and a Tornado Warning was in effect for a short time in Floyd County. However, Herrington said he has gotten no reports of any tornados touching down. There were also straight-line winds associated with the storm. When you combine that with the already saturated ground, it’s the perfect recipe for trees to fall.

Damage was reported at Model Elementary School. An awning was destroyed when it was blown from the building and struck a vehicle on campus. The vehicle sustained some minor damage. No one was injured, according to Floyd County School Superintendent Glenn White.

Damage was also reported at Berry College.

Photo by Todd Timberlake

Some believe the damage was confirmed by a tornado, but that has not been confirmed by the National Weather Service. Berry has confirmed that the eagle’s nest on campus did survive the storm.

Drivers are advised that a large tree has fallen in the road in the area near the traffic light at North Elm Street (pictured below)

There are around 7,758 Georgia Power customers without power, as of 3:30 p.m. 4,859 are in Floyd County.

– 749 Customers without power on Kingston Road.

– 303 without power in the area of East Hermitage Road.

– 499 without power in the Shannon area.

– 177 near Martha Berry Blvd.

– 75 without power in Celanese.

Please see the Georgia Power outage map for ETA on restoration times at the link below:

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