20-year-old Rome Man Threatens To Kill A Woman Then Breaks Into Her Home

November 11, 2022 -1:30 PM

Floyd County Jail Records –

Just after midnight on November 8th, a Rome man by the name of John Daniel Whatley lll is accused of sending terroristic threats and acts to a woman by texts that she screenshot, advising her that he was going to shoot her in the head. On the same night at 1 am, Whatley lll is accused of burglary In the first degree when he kicked in the door of the woman’s house on Burnett Ferry rd with the intent of harming her.

According to Floyd County jail records John Whatley lll is accused of running from a mortar vehicle accident on foot on November 10th just after 9 PM, ignoring the commands of officers telling him to stop multiple times.

John Daniel Whatley lll is being charged with terroristic threats and acts, burglary in the first degree, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, and probation violation.

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