Hung jury on five counts in Lanham murder trial

September 15, 2022–8:05 a.m.


A Chattooga County Jury brought back two guilty verdicts but was not able to come to a consensus on five other charges against a Chattooga County woman accused of murdering her husband five years ago.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader told WZQZ News on Wednesday evening that Renee Lanham was found guilty on two counts of giving false statements to law enforcement, but the jury could not agree on the other five charges Lanham was facing – including the felony murder charge.

Edward Earl Lanham was shot to death at his residence on Butler Dairy road in September of 2017.

The jury deliberated for four days and poured over the evidence in the case.  The trial was unusual in that it was stalled for a week after Lanham’s defense attorney got COVID.  Then, the Labor Day Weekend Flood in Summerville forced the trial to be moved to Walker County for a period of time before jurors returned to Chattooga County.  The verdict was given on Wednesday afternoon, and Lanham will be facing sentencing on the two counts of giving false statements at a later date.

Because the jury was hung on the other five counts – prosecutors can try again for a conviction on the other five counts.

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