Fourth arrest made in insurance fraud case

September 7, 2022–10:49 a.m.


A fourth person has been arrested for insurance fraud in connection with a wreck that occurred on Maple Avenue and East 14th Street back on September 19 of last year.

According to the arrest warrant, 34-year-old April Ashley Nicole Simpson of Adairsville was part of a group that conspired to stage the accident involving a U-Haul truck and a Chevy Cruise.

The driver of the Cruise, 61-year-old Marshall Joseph Alexandria Jr., and a passenger 35-year-old Marilyn Nicole Odessa White have also been arrested in the case.

It was initially stated that Simpson was driving the U-Haul, but it was later discovered that it was actually 61-year-old John L Durant Watkins of Atlanta, who has also been arrested.

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