GHC leadership creates ‘Ready to Start’ scholarship 

August 12th, 2022 – 11:50 AM

Georgia Highlands College –

Alongside the Georgia Highlands College Foundation, the leadership team at GHC has created a new scholarship to help students pay for college. The new “Ready to Start” scholarship is for any student who falls a few hundred dollars short of paying after financial aid and other scholarships have been applied.

President Mike Hobbs stated that a few hundred dollars shouldn’t keep a student from attending class and working toward their college goals, and that’s why he and the leadership team at GHC decided to create this new fund to immediately help students this fall—which could help hundreds of students right away.

According to the GHC Foundation, on average $200 can make the difference for a student working to complete a college degree.

President Hobbs said the use of this new fund is a way of ensuring those students who are “ready to start” get the support they need at a moment in their college career where it can make the biggest impact.

The “Ready to Start” Scholarship will be applied to accounts for students who register for fall now or who have recently registered for fall classes and have a balance on their account that the new fund can cover. 

Over 70% of first-time, full-time students at GHC rely on financial aid in addition to the support of Institutional Scholarships from the GHC Foundation. 

“GHC is an economic engine in our region, generating career-ready graduates who go on to make our communities even better,” President Hobbs said. “The investments we make in our students today who are seeking to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their community will have exponential returns for our region and state.”

President Hobbs added that’s why he and the other members of the leadership team at GHC are officially the first to donate to this new scholarship through the GHC Foundation.

To help support scholarships at GHC and contribute to the new “Ready to Start” scholarship, please visit Give Today by clicking here. Under the designation, please select “Area of Greatest Need.”

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