City commission votes to beef up security camera system

July 14, 2022–11:04 a.m.


During a called meeting on Thursday, the Rome City Commission approved a network upgrade for the city’s security camera system.

Rome City Manager Sammy Rich said as the city rolls out more and more security cameras, just like with cell phones, the technology has gotten smarter and smarter.

These days, cameras are being installed with an analytical ability that can literally help fight crime and be on the lookout for things.

So, the more cameras we deploy, in general, the more bandwidth they consume,” Rich said.  “It’s just like having a water utility or a road utility, the smaller the water line, the less amount of water you’re going to transfer.  It’s the same thing with the data of these cameras. We have to beef up our infrastructure on the network side that these cameras operate on.  So, switchgear and cabling that’s going to allow us to have a more robust network just so we can support the additional bandwidth.”

Rich said there are currently about 300 cameras deployed at various spots around the city.

Examples include water towers, the water treatment facility, the law enforcement center, city hall facilities, and parking decks.

“There are cameras everywhere,” Rich added.

The upgrade will cost about $200,000, which will be paid for with undesignated American Rescue Plan funds.

Also, during Thursday’s meeting, the second public hearing regarding the proposed millage rates was held.

No one spoke in favor or against.

The final public hearing will be on Monday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m.

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