Public hearing on City of Rome millage rate Thursday morning

July 13, 2022–7:01 p.m.


The Rome City Commission will conduct the second of three public hearings regarding the millage rates this morning.

The proposed combined rates for the City government and City Schools of 27.276 will result in no increase in the millage rate from the prior year but will be an increase of 4.7% over the calculated rollback rate for City Maintenance and Operations and School tax.

Since it is above the rollback rate, according to state law, it is considered a tax increase, requiring public hearings.

The City is proposing to adopt a roll-back rate on City M&O from 8.151 to 8.0 with no change planned for either the Capital tax or School tax.

For a non-homestead property, the estimated City and City School tax for a current $125,000 market-valued home would have been $1,371 in 2021. At the proposed rate for 2022, the estimated tax will be $1,363 and at the 2022 rollback rate, the estimated tax would be $1,302.

Today’s public hearing begins at 10 a.m. at Rome City Hall.

The final public hearing will be on Monday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m.

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