Rome Salvation Army seeking donations of Gatorade and Powerade

July 6, 2022–6:51 p.m.


With temperatures rising this week, the Salvation Army is asking the community to donate Gatorade, Powerade, and water bottles.

Captain Paula Blevins of the Salvation Army explains how those donations are put to use.

“Every day during the summer, even when we’re gone, we have staff prepare a cooler cold ice water and Gatorade that sits outside our side door at the drive that goes between Bert Brooks and us,” she said.  “So, there is always a cooler of iced-down water and Gatorade there for anyone who is outside and needs a cold drink.  We do need some Gatorade and some Powerade donated.  Those are great for when people have been outside and have depleted many of the important vitamins and minerals in their body.”

If you have any questions about the donations, you can call the local Salvation Army at 706-291-4745.

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