Hydrant flow testing at Stonebridge & Berry Forest this week

June 20, 2022–10:16 a.m.


The Rome-Floyd County Fire Department will conduct hydrant flow testing at the Stonebridge & Berry Forest subdivision on June 21 at approximately 12 am.

These tests are a requirement by Insurance Services Office (ISO). The testing should only take a couple of hours.

– There is the possibility that the testing will cause the sediment in the water mains to be disturbed and cause a brown tint to the water coming into your house. It is recommended that you let your faucets, outside spickets, etc. flow before cooking or consuming the water.

– It is also recommended to let your washing machine and dishwasher do an empty cycle before washing any clothing or dishes.

– The fire department is working in conjunction with the City of

Rome Water Department to try to reduce the disturbance.

After the testing is complete you may see certain hydrants left flowing in the area for a few days to clear the lines.

They will return and close the hydrants when the water has cleared.

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