Floyd EMA: More extremely hot weather on the way next week

June 16, 2022–6:52 p.m.


We have seen some hot days and more are on the way.

Floyd County Emergency Management Director Tim Herrington said he has not received any calls yet requesting cooling shelters, but he still wants to have some on standby just in case.

“We’re going to get a little bit of a break over the weekend,” he said.  However, next week, the temperatures are going right back up again, and it’s going to be extremely hot.  We are really going to be pushing hot weather awareness.”

Herrington said he has also been in contact with the Salvation Army.

“I was able to talk with Captain Tim Blevins just to see if they need anything from us,” Herrington said.  “He said they are in pretty good shape right now.  They did change their shelter hours.  They are allowing people in a little bit earlier than they have in the past because of the hot weather.”

Remember to stay hydrated, limit your amount of strenuous outdoor activity, and wear loose, light-weight clothing.

It’s also crucial during the hot months to not leave children or pets in the car unattended for any amount of time.

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