[VIDEO] WRGA heat safety spotlight

June 13, 2022

Olivia West

With temperatures this week approaching the 100 degree mark, taking heat safety into account
could help prevent possible heat-related injuries during the upcoming weeks.

The National Weather Service recommends vulnerable populations, which includes children,
newborns, elderly, and those who are pregnant or have a chronic illness to take extra
precautions during the hotter months.

Staying hydrated, limiting the amount of strenuous outdoor activity, and wearing loose, light
weight clothing are all ways to reduce negative effects of the heat.

It’s also crucial during the hot months to not leave children or pets in the car unattended for any
amount of time. Temperatures in a turned off car can quickly reach over 100 degrees, which is
why the National Weather Service encourages parents to “look before you lock” to ensure no
children are left in a vehicle for even a few moments.

For more information about heat safety, visit https://www.weather.gov/safety/heat.

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