Unemployment in Rome hits record low

May 26, 2022–8:49 a.m.


Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Thursday that Rome recorded an all-time low unemployment rate of 2.4 percent in April, down eight-tenths of a percent over the month. A year ago, the rate was 3.8 percent.

“As employers continue to fill their vacancies with qualified job seekers, we are encouraged to see many Georgians eager to return to the workforce,” said Commissioner Mark Butler. “This dedication on the part of both employer and job seeker is what has enabled us to fill the demand for goods and services in record numbers across the state.” 

The labor force decreased in Rome by 291 and ended the month with 43,791. That number is down 301 when compared to April of 2021.

Rome finished the month with 42,743 employed residents. That number increased by 74 over the month and is up by 318 when compared to the same time a year ago.

Rome ended April with 41,800 jobs. That number increased by 200 from March to April and increased by 900 when compared to this time last year.

The number of unemployment claims went up by 25 percent in Rome in April. When compared to last April, claims were down by about 85 percent.

Employ Georgia, the GDOL’s online job listing service at employgeorgia.com showed about 686 active job postings in Rome for April.

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