Vaccines remain effective at preventing COVID-19 deaths

February 2, 2022–10:22 a.m.


According to the latest statistics from the Georgia Department of Public Health, there is a possibility of still getting COVID-19 if you are vaccinated.  However, the vaccine continues to prove effective in preventing hospitalization or death.

From January 2 of 2021 to January 26 of this year, 1,588,934 Georgians tested positive for COVID-19.

There have been 335,731 so-called breakthrough cases.

Only 7,464 of those required hospitalization, which is 2.2%.

1,573 deaths from breakthrough cases were reported, which is only one-half of one percent.

In December, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Georgians had a 1.8 times greater risk of testing positive than those who were fully vaccinated.

You are also 2.9 times more at risk of dying if you are unvaccinated.

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