Raffensperger defends 2020 election count

February 1, 2022–10:53 a.m.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was a guest on WRGA’s First News on Tuesday to, in his words, set the record straight about the 2020 Election.

“Here’s what really happened in Georgia,” he said.  “28,000 Georgians skipped the presidential race and yet they voted down-ballot.  David Perdue got 20,000 more votes than President Trump in Metro-Atlanta and Athens and our Republican congressional candidates collectively received 33,000 more votes than President Trump in their districts.  That’s what happened in Georgia and that’s why President Trump came up short.”

Raffensperger also addressed a specific allegation that the voting machines flipped votes.

“We did a 100% hand recount of the original scanned ballots and the hand recounts came up remarkably close to what the scanned results were,” he said.  “We did have three issues that were found during that process, one was in Floyd County.  Fulton County had double-scanned some ballots, so that got reconciled.  The other one was Fayette County.  However, at the end of the day, the hand recount was remarkably close to the scanned count.  That shows two things.  One, the original count was correct, and two, the machines did not flip the votes.”

Raffensperger said his office investigated every allegation.

“People alleged and wrote in their court cases and their filings that 2,056 felons voted.  We investigated and found less than 74.  They said there were 66,000 underage voters and we found that there was zero.  People need to understand that you can register to vote in Georgia when you are 17 and a half, but you have to be 18 on Election Day.

He added that there was an allegation that 2,400 non-registered citizens had voted. 

His office found zero.

Another allegation was that more than 10,000 dead people had voted. 

Raffensperger said they only found four such instances.

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