Redmond gets not from city for employee health clinic

March 22, 2021–8:26 p.m.


The City of Rome has accepted the recommendation of the Near Site Medical Services Committee to retain Redmond Regional Medical Center as the provider of a health clinic for city and county employees.

According to Rome City Manager Sammy Rich, proposals were sought in November and they got five back.

A joint City County Committee narrowed the five proposals down to Floyd and Redmond.

“The committee recommendation is to continue with Redmond,” he said.  Now, as a staff committee made up of city and county staffers, that was taken to the general administration and was then brought forward.”

The city commission did not take a vote after five of the nine commissioners indicated during the caucus that they would recuse themselves from voting due to past or present business dealings with either Floyd or Redmond.

“At the end of the day, the reality is that this is not a contract the city commission has to vote on,” Rich said.  “There is no requirement that it be voted on.  It’s simply done as a way to say ‘hey guys, this is what we’re doing.’”

In other action, the commission approved a rezoning request for property on Westside Industrial Boulevard.

Integrated Fiber Solutions purchased the adjoining property for a $30 million expansion.

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