Rome public works committee discusses 5th Avenue Bridge

March 10, 2021–10:55 p.,m.


The Rome Public Works Committee discussed the River District and specifically the 5th Avenue Bridge on Wednesday.

An initial concept for the bridge would seek to make it more pedestrian-friendly with narrower lanes for traffic and slower speeds.

There are plans to cone off a couple of lanes on the bridge based on the drawing and have a walkthrough on March 19.

“We’d block it off and we’d get everyone together -the DDA, redevelopment and public works- and maybe we can go out there and walk it together,” said Public Works Committee Chair Mark Cochran.  “Then we could come back and have a discussion.  If at that time, that group of people wants to see a different cone layout or something like that, then maybe we could do it and then go back out there and take another look at it.”

Cochran said he wants to see how the automobile traffic reacts to the change as well as how people would feel walking down the bridge if a lane or two lanes are closed.

“I’d like to know how the pedestrians would react to the bridge, maybe even more so than how the drivers react,” he added.

Other highlights of the initial concept include a high-visibility crosswalk, gateway and vertical elements, lighting, and parallel parking.

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