Purported gang members charged in assault at jail

February 24, 2021–11:19 a.m.


Seven inmates at the Floyd County Jail who are purported members of the “Ghost Face Gangsters” criminal street gang are facing charges in connection with a violent incident that occurred back on December 18.

According to jail records, an inmate was severely beaten, stabbed, and burned during the assault that occurred in the P-block.

The reports state the victim was also sodomized with a toothbrush.

38-year old Scotty Joel Venable, 25-year old Toby Keith Johnson, 21-year old Griffin Thomas Henson, 38-year old Steven Maxwell Gilbert, 26-year old Michael John Helterbrand, 34-year old Adam Corey Masters, and 32-year old Joshua Michael Pointer are all charged with participation in a criminal street gang.

Venable ordered the attack, according to the reports.

He is also charged with terroristic threats and acts, and aggravated sexual battery.

Johnson is also charged with aggravated sexual battery while Henson, Gilbert, Helterbrand, Masters, and Pointer are all charged with party to the crime of aggravated sexual battery.

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