Floyd County officers honored for life-saving actions

February 5, 2021–8:05 p.m.


The Floyd County Police Department has recognized the life-saving effort of two patrol officers following a shooting that occurred in the fall of 2020. Those officers were awarded the distinction of being 2020 Officers of the Third Quarter.

Pfc. Zach Doan responded to a shooting on East Drive following reports to E-911 that a man had been shot in the chest. Because of the serious nature of the call, Pfc. Carlos Ribot assisted with the response because the shooter had left walking from the scene.

Pfc. Doan arrived first before rescue and emergency services, and without hesitation he selflessly placed himself in harm’s way to provide medical aid to the victim, knowing that the suspect was likely still in possession of the gun and could be lurking nearby.

Pfc. Doan located the victim laying on the ground and began assessing his condition by lifting his shirt, where he found a gunshot wound to the victim’s chest. As a result of the officer’s training, he knew that a victim could suffer a pneumothorax (collapsed lung). The officer knew this would result in the chest cavity filling with air and ultimately hinder the victim’s ability to breathe.

Pfc. Doan returned to his vehicle, where he obtained a chest seal from his medical kit. The officer returned to the victim and applied the chest seal to the victim, preventing excessive air from filling the chest cavity. Officers of the Floyd County Police Department annually receive training on basic first aid and how to stop significant bleeding. Pfc. Doan supplements that training with SWAT experience with combat first aid.

Pfc. Ribot arrived as Pfc. Doan was administering the chest seal to the victim. Pfc. Ribot’s actions at this time were heroic and selfless as well as placing himself in a situation to provide assistance to Pfc. Doan. He further provided cover for Pfc. Doan and the victim during the field triage.

The actions of these officers are a demonstration of their level of Professionalism and their dedication to the Community they swore to protect and serve.

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