Bartow Deputies arrest man for family violence

September 16th, 2020 – 5:15 PM

WBHF Radio – 

(Via WBHF Radio) Bartow County deputies arrested a man after a caller told 911 that the man would kill his wife and their three children if law enforcement arrived at their home. The wife reportedly said Tuesday afternoon that 52-year-old Derek Dewayne Cooper had a firearm out and would use it if she left their home with the children.

A deputy called the wife, saying she and the children needed to get away from their house on Boones Ridge Drive near Acworth to speak safely.

When she got an opportunity, she left under the guise of visiting the neighborhood park down the street. Deputies intercepted and interviewed them.

She explained Cooper got irate Monday night, pulled a mattress off the bed, and pushed it at her knocking her to the ground. While she was on the floor, Cooper reportedly retrieved a plastic training toilet, filled it with water, and poured it on her. He then allegedly poked her twice in the eye with his finger while scolding her.

A deputy saw that her left eye was slightly swollen and discolored.

One of the children told the deputy that his Daddy was doing very bad things to his Mommy. He explained the mattress incident. He also said his Daddy poured pee all over his Mommy. He said Mommy smelled bad, so she took a shower and smelled better. He said his Dad is mean to his Mom a lot.

The deputy then saw a video on a phone from August 2nd, showing Cooper yelling at his wife and apparently striking her several times. In the video, Cooper threatened to kill his wife several times if she talks about his mother.

The deputy found it irrefutable that Cooper threatened to kill his wife while at the same time physically assaulting her. That, coupled with the child’s statements and the wife’s fear of Cooper, the deputy believed that this constitutes as terroristic threats regardless of the time passed.

Deputies immediately arrested Cooper for family violence simple assault, misdemeanor family violence battery, two counts of cruelty to children in the third degree, and felony terroristic threats and acts. The cruelty to children charges were for intentionally allowing children under the age of 18 to witness the commission of family violence battery. Cooper denied any wrongdoing.

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