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Mark Walters has been penning The Ordinary Guy column as a regular contributor to Concealed Carry Magazine for almost 4 years. An original “charter member” of the USCCA, Mark was one of the first 500 members to join the organization when it was first founded by Tim Schmidt. As a freelance writer for a local industrial trade publication and a vocal second amendment activist in Tampa, Florida, Mark had many editorials printed in the Tampa Tribune and was given “guest column” status on more than one occasion to print his views on a wide array of topics including the right to keep and bear arms. His book, Lessons From Armed America written with co-author Kathy Jackson and forward by Massad Ayoob will be available nationwide on October 1st from Whitefeather Press.

In November of 2002 just two weeks after the birth of his daughter Lindsey, Mark found himself the intended victim of an attempted carjacking while approaching a traffic light on E. Fletcher Ave. in the Suitcase City section of Tampa, FL at 6:20 am on his way to work. A well known drug and crime infested area bordering the University of South Florida, Mark was prepared that day with a Glock 36, 45 caliber handgun resting in a Sidearmor Kydex IWB holster. When the criminals… both of them…found themselves unable to get into the vehicle stopped just off of his left bumper, they turned their attention to him.

Watching the frightening events unfold in front if him and happening at a frantic pace, Mark un-holstered his weapon. Remaining behind the wheel of his car, he leveled his 45 at the criminal standing just feet away from him and approaching his vehicle. When confronted with a gun pointed directly at his chest, the closest attacker waved off his partner and both men retreated to their vehicle. Fleeing like the cowards they were, Mark was able to make it home alive that day.

That frightening experience became the subject of his first column with Concealed Carry Magazine titled “The Importance of Carrying Your Gun 100% of The Time”, now listed as one of Concealed Carry Magazines “Best of”.

Since that time, Mark writes about ordinary folks like you and I who have used a weapon to defend themselves as well as interviewing some of the nations biggest news makers and activists. The list includes Ted Nugent, Dick Heller, politicians, internationally recognized trainers, weapons experts, criminal psychologists, television hosts, authors, real people who have used a firearm to defend themselves against violent attack and regular, ordinary folks who make a difference.

Mr. Walters is a member of the NRA, an NRA Certified Instructor in three disciplines, a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation as well as a card carrying member of and a vocal 2nd amendment activist in his home town. Mark promises to re-up his membership to POMA (Professional Outdoor Media Association) just as soon as he can remember to send the check. In the spare time of his “real life”he ran his own successful business for over 13 years and is currently an evil capitalist corporate officer of an Atlanta based corporation. He believes that anyone who has been suckered by Al Gore is, well….a sucker.

Mark defends our freedoms on AAR with the RIGHT voice at the RIGHT time and brings FREEDOM and frank discussion of the right to defend your life to the nations airwaves EVERY week.


Because our freedoms are at stake and because we can. We are now faced with the most ANTI-FREEDOM, GUN HATING, SOCIALIST-DRIVEN administration and agenda in our nation’s history. The timing for this program is a natural in todays environment. The onslaught of gun-haters who want to take away your freedoms CAN NOT AND WILL NOT GO UNATTENDED BY THE USCCA and Mark Walters.

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